Kimono Rescue Service

Kimono donation

All over the world (but mostly in Japan) beautiful kimonos—some with centuries of history—sit alone, without anyone to wear them. At Ichijiku, we are dedicated to giving these works of art a second chance at life. If you have a kimono (or kimonos) that you want rescued, please get in touch with us at, and provide the following:

・Detailed pictures of the kimono, including the outside, inside, and any marks, stains, imperfections, etc.
・A short story about the kimono’s life
・Where possible, proof of origin (pictures of packaging, purchase receipt, etc.)

If your kimono is accepted, we will cover the cost of shipping it to us. Once it has been transformed into a series of products, we will include your story in the product description, and send you an item of your choosing from that specific series, so your precious kimono may live on for generations to come.

We are only able to accept 100% silk kimonos. Thank you for your understanding.